Flexible, Smooth, and Convenient Closings

As a customer you have a multitude of companies to choose from for your title and closing needs. We understand choosing a title company can be as important as choosing your new home. That’s why you want an expert company whom you can rely on to ensure a reliable, accurate, smooth process. Your expert company should be able to provide multiple solutions to any problems that may arise as well as answer any questions you may have. With Germani Title, you can rest assured all of these expectations will be present and maintained. 

We are professionals who take our responsibility seriously. In order to facilitate and protect the possible single largest financial transaction of your life, we provide and advocate open communication and constant accessibility. We will help you understand each part of the closing process and why it’s needed. And most importantly, we will keep you informed so you know what’s happening at every stage of the process.

Our goals are to give you the knowledge you need for a confident closing and long term protection. All while making the process as flexible and convenient for you as possible. It's simple, just tell your REALTOR you want to work with Germani Title & Closing.