About Germani Title & Closing

Founded in 2003, Germani Title & Closing specializes in real estate closings and is licensed to practice in RI, MA, and CT. Since opening we have seen nearly every closing situation and resolved almost every type of issue. We have successfully closed hundreds of transactions, to the satisfaction of our clients.

Let Us Close for You

Call on Germani Title & Closing to be available virtually any time and anywhere to provide closing expertise with a personal touch. We are attuned to your needs to support the entire process so that it proceeds smoothly and expeditiously.

Comprehensive Closing Services

We provide what you expect at each step of the closing process – from purchase and sales agreement to the formal closing. We will prepare and review documents as needed for accuracy and provide feedback on any potential sticking points. In addition, we offer our services across the USA – in the 35 states where closings are the procedure.

Convenience to Your Schedule 

Whether the closing must take place before work, after work or on a weekend, we’re available 24/7. And wherever you need to meet, we will be there. If questions or concerns come up, we understand that when you call, you want answers today, not days from now. We’ll get back to you promptly. We’re also known for responsiveness in preparing and sending documents. For example, we can return titles within 24 to 48 hours.

Sales Talent With Personal Touch

Perhaps you have experienced closing situations where a minor glitch or misunderstanding threatened to delay the deal. As someone who has years of sales experience, Stephen Germani’s ability to communicate warmly and personally to overcome obstacles has helped many times to keep the transaction on course.