Motorcycle Accidents

At Germani Law Offices we understand how easy it is to become victim of a motorcycle accident. We get it; you'd rather forget that helmet at home, and feel the wind in your face. However, we also get that this feeling often comes with a cost of injury or even death. Lack of protective equipment can cause substantial long term injuries to the motorcycle rider or another driver. These accidents tend to be much more severe than a passenger in a car, and as so they medical expenses much higher. 

It is often that motorcycle operators and their passengers are excluded from No-Fault benefits. This means that if a motorcyclist is injured while on a motorcycle, there is absolutely no insurance coverage for medical expenses or lost income. The only persons that are entitled to no-fault benefits are any pedestrians who have been injured by a motorcycle.

If you have been in a motorcycle accident, you should immediately seek services from an experienced lawyer. This is essential to your future health insurance, lost income, and medical expenses. Germani Law Offices is your source to justice.

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